Who Helps The Helpers?
Community organizations and not for profits have unique needs which are rarely recognized by IT firms and communication companies. Our long standing vision has been to create opportunities for non-profits and NGOs to access impartial advise and access IT resources that help rather than hinder the important work they do in our communities.

Community Solutions to Community Problems
Solving difficult IT problems can be done many ways. But we believe the internet and open-source communities provide powerful forums to find strategies and solutions to local IT problems. That's why support non-profits in accessing open-source resources that are designed or adpatable for their specific realities and needs.

What's With Our Name?
When a programmer writes a section of a program to perform a specific task (i.e. "function"), the section should end with return(0) whenever it is completed successfully without problems or errors. Thus, return(0) signifies the succesful completion of a computer task. The other meaning to the name is related to our core mission of helping not-for-profits and volunteer driven community groups apply technology to improve and enhance their ability to carry out their work. These individuals and groups consistently provide important services for the good of the community, often without expecting anything in return. This is the second meaning, work done primarily for the good of the community and others. Our name, return(zero), refers to the intersection of both of these two meanings, where technology can enhance the capability of nonprofits to fulfill their function in the community.

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